Royal Holi

Holi is a festival which celebrates colour and it is this one day in every year when India drowns itself in red, blue, green, yellow and many different shades of colour. Holi is celebrated in Jaipur in a royal way. Along with the common people, the royal family of the maharajas of Jaipur also takes part in the festival. The gates of the City Palace is thrown open for the public and after that the colours which are smeared on everyone, let them forget all their differences and words like royalty and commoner become unreadable because the vibrant colours makes it impossible to recognise that who is the prince and who the pauper. Not only people from India, tourists from different parts of the world also take part in this festival of happiness. Armed with a Pichkari and Gulal they too enjoy the occasion with their friends and families. Amidst the explosion of colours all around, a sudden thought might cross your mind. If in this one day, colours like saffron, green, and red can mix with each other effortlessly, is it really impossible for us to consider everyday of the year to be Holi, when we forget all our differences and stand united as children of humanity?