Home Sweet Home

On the direction of Rajasthan high court the civic agencies, Jaipur Municipal Corporation (JMC) and Jaipur Development Authority (JDA), had carried out a massive anti-encroachment drive in Amanishah Nullah. Hundreds encroachments mushroomed in catchment areas bulldozed in the drive for widening nullah 150-210 feet as per the court direction.
The civic agencies removed commercial and residential establishments in the drive followed by violent mass protests. Interestingly, the squatters mushroomed for last 10 years and lease deed and water and electricity connections issued them by the agencies. The same civic agencies had turned blind eyes on the encroachments so far.
Severely affected by the drive were the lower income people who were living here in rented residential units. Now, they are homeless and wandering want of shelter. The previous government has charted out a rehabilitation plan giving them rent for certain period and a piece of vacant land, though the plan not executed well so far.