Bankura Damodar Railway

BDR officially stands for Bankura Damodar Railway,a narrow gauge railway service started by the British Government in the Bankura and Bardhaman districts of Bengal almost a hundred years ago, it was withdrawn in early nineties of the last century.But for the locals the acronym stands for "Boro Dukkher Rail"( A Railway of great sorrow).The service ran from a place called Rainagar ( again, affectionately called Raina by the locals).I,along with a close friend 1990,took a journey in this train many years ago,this was perhaps among the last services this railway had before it was closed down."service" would be too generous a term as it didnt have any!no electricity whatsoever,there were only two bogies,it was going at a snails pace.even govt buses in our metro cities go faster.But I did not mind because the journey itself was wonderful in spite of all the difficulties.There was a simple pleasure in that trip which counts a lot to me,it took me closer to the soul of my country which rests in our villages.I still consider it as one of the great journeys in my life and through my photographs it comes back to me, a trip across memory lane.