I was born in a metro city of India in a family, which could be best described as lower middle class. That is why, right from the beginning the pressure of being a good student was there. My parents thought that I will be a doctor or at least an engineer. But for some unknown reason, I never really liked classrooms. Roads, rivers, playgrounds and everything that was beyond the four walls of the school had a magnetic pull for me. As a result, I was soon termed as a ‘last bencher’ in my school.

My first tryst with photography was through the lenses of the Click 3 camera, that my elder sister had given me. I still remember the immense joy that I felt when I heard the sound of the shutter clicking for the first time. But because of my not so good results in school and the various expenses involved with photography, for a few years, my relationship with the camera was filled with hurdles.

As usual, things on my academic front worsened during my college years. Sometimes I imagined the classroom of the college as a cinema hall or at times it seemed like a mental asylum. It is at this time, that I fell in love once again with camera. Suddenly, one day I had the opportunity to look through a camera that belonged to a friend of my elder brother. It was like the reunion with an old lover. The camera was an SLR camera. That was a very special day in my life.

It seemed that somebody whispered in my ears- Go! Start Clicking.

That was the beginning and today, after working in different newspapers and travelling to many places (of course always with a camera slung over my shoulder) I am working in an English newspaper in Jaipur as the Photo Editor.